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23 February 2023 | Middle School, Pastoral Care, RISE

Here’s a Glimpse into Middle School Life

We acknowledge that students experience many challenges in life, whether it’s social media, friendships, home life difficulties or mental health. We believe this all impacts their ability to learn.

You want your child to learn resilience, find good friends, use social media responsibly and have access to lots of opportunities in Middle and Senior School to help shape their future.

We recognise the importance Pastoral Care plays in a student’s holistic wellbeing and are committed to caring for every student’s spiritual, emotional, physical and academic needs.

“Every student has enormous potential, often far more than they realise, but it is the development of character strengths such as responsibility, empathy, organisation and courage which provides a strong foundation for your child to build they future,” says Mr Sam Foreman, Middle School Pastoral Care Leader.

With the support of talented staff, Sam Foreman and the Middle School team are passionate about building relationships with your child to help them flourish personally, academically, and socially.

“This year, we have incorporated a Middle School approach to Teaching and Learning. This will move from subjects taught in isolation to including enquiry and project-based learning that draws across subject areas and Middle School year levels,” says Miss Lyndsae Lewis, Director of Teaching and Learning,

“Our key focus is on equipping our students with skills for lifelong learning and providing opportunities for students to be active citizens in their communities,” she says.

When your child joins us in Middle School, they will experience specialist subjects for the first time and explore growth opportunities like Camps, Colour Run, Middle and Senior Sports Day, participate in SACSA Sports Carnivals and have leadership opportunities.

For a gentle transition from Year 6 (Junior School) to Year 7 (Middle School), your child will still have a key Teacher with whom they complete their core subjects. Students then move to another classroom to complete their specialist subjects, such as Hospitality, Technology Studies and Health.

At Tyndale, we introduced a no-phone policy to encourage students to be active participants in the community and immerse themselves in their educational journey without distraction.

In Year 8, students embark on Year 8 Camp and begin settling into a new routine where we encourage them to participate in the extra-curricular programmes available to help them discover new passions and build friendships with one another.

In Year 9, all students participate in the Rite Journey programme, which has a global reputation for helping teenagers become self-aware, responsible and resilient adults. This compliments Tyndale’s mission to raise young men and women in their God-given identity and be able to serve their communities.

We are enrolling for Year 7 in 2024 and 2025. Book a School Tour and come and see why… Tyndale.

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