Murray Bridge

Volunteering – A Two Way Benefit!

Tyndale Christian School – Murray Bridge have volunteers who are: parents, grandparents, staff, students and neighbours willing to contribute their part to the Tyndale community. This represents a wide variety of skills and talents, making Tyndale a richer community.

Our students learning experience is far richer because of volunteers, no matter the department that volunteers find themselves. Our desire is for all Tyndale community members to experience a strong sense of belonging that encourages them to be participants rather than spectators; this is truly evidenced by volunteers and their passion to support the School. The benefit is two-way, volunteering is rewarding for the individual and offers the opportunity for skills-development and community connectedness.

National Volunteer Week, held during Monday 17 May 2021 and Sunday 23 May 2021, is a week of recognition for the invaluable contribution that volunteers make to our everyday lives, oftentimes in unseen ways. Tyndale Christian School recognises volunteers and appreciates the hundreds of hours they contribute to the School, we show this appreciation through special events and gestures of thanks.

This year, Volunteering Australia wants volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations to: Recognise, Reconnect and Reimagine volunteering in Australia. Recognise – celebrate and thank volunteers for the vital role they play in our lives. Reconnect – to what is important by giving our time to help others and ourselves. Reimagine – how we better support volunteer and communities they help.

If you have want to become a volunteer, please contact our Community Liaison Officer on 8282 5100 or email.

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