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31 March 2023 | Community, Wellbeing, Whole of School

How Lemmie the Therapy Dog will help your child at School

At the beginning of this year (2023) we welcomed a very special new staff member to the Wellbeing team, she has 4 legs and is covered in fur – she is Lemmie the Therapy Dog.

Lemmie is a 2-year-old Labrador trained by See Differently – formerly the Royal Society for the Blind.

We discussed with See Differently and decided that Lemmies highly social nature would be perfect for a school environment, that she would be living to her full potential and help students with learning needs and anxiety.

Lemmie’s role at School is to build engagement with your child, break down barriers, encourage connection, and build community.

She is a social butterfly who loves to be with students and has brought joy to our community.

Our students are learning about when to give Lemmie pats and when she can be approached.

Ms Burgemeister has let the students know when Lemmie wears her blue bandana, it means she is working and it’s like her work uniform. The students know they can approach Lemmie when she wears her bandana.

We are excited to have Lemmie the Therapy Dog join the Wellbeing team and engage your child in the schoolyard, bring some joy or help them relax.

If you have any questions about Lemmie or want to contact the Wellbeing team, you can visit our Wellbeing page.

Q&A with Miss Lemmie.

  1. Full Name? Lemmie Burgemeister
  2. Her favourite Toy? her duck
  3. Favourite Food? She would eat anything but has a strict kibble diet to keep her healthy. She enjoys a carrot as a treat occasionally.
  4. What’s her favourite place to go when she’s not at work? Loves playing on Mrs Burgemeister’s front lawn with her adopted brother Leo (Golden Retriever).
  5. Why does she lick? Lemmie often licks when she is excited and getting pats. She will also lick if you’ve had something tasty on your hands before greeting her.
  6. What does she like most about being at School? Lemmie loves to walk around the school getting pats from everyone who stops to say hello.

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