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Why Tyndale - Community

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Why Tyndale – Community


At Tyndale we actively encourage every person to belong – rather than just attend.

We want everyone to become a part of the community and part of the family.

One of the main choices we face in life is whether we’ll be spectators or participants. This is no different when it comes to schooling – for parents, staff and students.

It’s our hope that you will discover what we provide educationally and also a glimpse of the heart and spirit of our community.


We offer a variety of ways for Senior School students to gain an appreciation of different cultures and begin to understand the responsibility we have to those less fortunate than ourselves. The main intention of our mission trips overseas is to discover the realities of life in these developing countries, while making a difference one trip at a time.

The teams undertake capital works projects and contribute financially to support the orphanages that the School is committed to.

The members who have travelled on any of these trips have been greatly impacted by this experience and inspired by the difference that one trip can make to the people we visit.

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