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Why Tyndale - Intentionally Inclusive

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Why Tyndale – Intentionally Inclusive

Tyndale is committed to being an inclusive school – we have an open enrolment policy and very affordable fees.

We welcome all families who wish to come here, irrespective of:

  • their socio-economic background
  • their child’s academic, sporting or artistic ability
  • or their race, gender or religion.

We are all ‘…fearfully and wonderfully made…’

Psalm 139:14

At Tyndale this means that every person is intrinsically valuable for who they are – not for what they can do.

Just as it was William Tyndale’s desire that everyone have access to God’s word, it’s ours that every student is welcomed into a safe, loving environment.

With this as our foundational ethos, we can demonstrate God’s heart for humanity by striving to be intentionally inclusive.


We commit to not exclude those:

  • from other nations
  • with other religious beliefs or practice
  • with limited financial capacity
  • according to their academic ability.

We will cater for students:

  • of high academic ability with futures at tertiary institutions
  • with gifts and abilities in the arts and sport
  • who will become involved in vocational post-school pathways
  • with learning needs or disabilities.


We hope that at Tyndale your children will form the basis for the adult they will become. Their values will be shaped, their views and attitudes toward others will be formed and their innate abilities will be developed.

We hope that you will join them too – parents, grandparents, past students and staff all play a vital role in creating a wonderful sense of belonging.


Attending Tyndale is not just about your child. We welcome you and your family to join us in creating a strong community spirit in our school.

Through our strong body of volunteers you may find a role in many ways:

  • assisting our staff at sports days, musicals other school events
  • helping out in the classroom
  • assisting in our learning support areas
  • and much more.

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