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Why Tyndale - Intentionally Christian

Our Brand Values

Why Tyndale – Intentionally Christian

We are committed to being a place where God is at the centre – where He is:

  • honoured
  • followed
  • worshipped
  • revealed to the School and wider community.

We trust that all who come here will be inspired by His great love for them – and the recognition that every person is intrinsically valuable, not for what they can do but because of who they are: His children.

We’re passionate about our School being a place where all students are strengthened and emboldened to live out the gospel and become ambassadors for Christ – to positively impact the wider community around them.


As part of our Intentionally Christian focus, students experience:

  • regular sub-school chapel service
  • Easter and Remembrance Day services
  • pastoral care
  • biblical studies programs
  • an ongoing relationship with local churches.


Our community service programs see students undertake life-changing journeys to Kenya, Cambodia, Kokoda and Indigenous areas, which offer real life experiences and connections beyond the classroom.


We’re passionate that those who do not know Him, both students and their parents, meet Him at Tyndale Christian School and become followers of Christ. Every time a young person makes a commitment to God at our School, it’s a good day.


We firmly believe that the message of Christ will hold all our community in good stead regardless of the nature of their faith, and that these govern:

  • how we should behave
  • how we treat ourselves
  • how we interact with each other
  • how we influence the world in which we live.


We pray that each person discovers a life of purpose and meaning through knowing Jesus.

Every person should also have the opportunity to be able to fulfil their life’s purpose – to know Him, and to live the abundant life that Jesus came to give us.

John 10:10

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